Nask: Art, nature, beauty and jewellery

Nask. You have not met her? OMG.

You have not heard of her? OMG X 2 + !!!

When I first knew of Nask I remembered her as the Rock Girl. She is probably the only girl in Kurdistan who has the largest rock collection, ever.

Nask is a young woman of talent, ambition, dreams and beauty. She has her eyes set on the moon and stars, while walking the walk of life. She is always simply dressed, and there is always a bounce, or a hop, in her walk: a clear reflection of her inner lightness and joy… she talks in confidence, pride and passion. She is definitely among my favourite girls in this city.

Last night Nask and I spent a spontaneous winter evening walking through the roads of my neighbourhood. I remember feeling the tip of nose frozen as I pulled my sleeves to cover stiff fingers, yet I felt so warm within to be in the company of such an inspiring Kurdish girl.

The young woman walking by my side (with social distancing, I promise) was an AUIS student (double/triple/quadruple major) with a passion for history, and geography. Yes, you read right, no need to re-read: A modern day girl with a passion to learn history! And you thought those girls no longer existed?

I tend to look at young women differently now that I am a mother. You see, Nask, is the girl who you want your daughter to sit next to in class, the girl who you want to be family friends with, the girl who you will enjoy cups of warm coffee with without feeling time pass. The one who you learn from. I remember saying good bye and thinking I ought to meet the parents who brought this human being to life…

Nask also happens to design and make her own jewellery: Nask Collection. Her inspiration? Kurdsitan’s nature and rocks. She tells me about each rock. About the colours, the energy they bring, how they are made and where she found them. She tells me about why an elephant is special…

Pardon? You didn’t know? Elephants are loyal, empathetic, sensitive, clever, patient, they grieve and have a life long bond. I had no idea either, not until our walk last night.

Every piece of jewellery Nask creates has a story that comes with it. She speaks with passion about each piece she designs.

My walk with Nask goes beyond just jewellery. She tells me about her passion for nature, for hiking… She tells me about the power of the mountains on her soul, on her mind, on her inspiration for everything she does in life. We speak about adoption, about inner peace, about all the dreams she has and we decide a coffee and hours of talking are to be organised very soon…

Nask, once more, makes me proud of young Kurdish girls who focus on their growth, on following their passion and having a hobby in life which they enjoy…

You can follow Nask’s art here, you can order her jewellery line here or on your Lezzoo mobile application (under local startups) if you’re located in Erbil.

Until next time, lots of love from

My Nest in Kurdistan


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