Made in Kurdistan Businesses and Startups

Loyal Reader,

if you are travelling, sending a birthday gift, if you wish to surprise a loved one or you are hosting a large event and want to give gift bags, please remember these startups and businesses. Because for these entrepreneurs, most female, every order makes a difference. These businesses are all Made in Kurdistan, by young Kurdistanies.

  1. The Free Yazidi Crafts and Enterprises – Yazidi women genocide survivors and their handmade creations, @Yezidi_crafts_and_enterprise on Instagram.

2. Hopeful Hands is a project for women’s empowerment @hopefulhands_erbil

3. Nask is a lovely young woman behind @Nask.collection she created this jewellery brand while being a full time student at the American University in Sulaimaniya

4. You all know my love for Lala Candles, founded by a very talented and a dear friend with a huge vision. These are the first made in Kurdistan candles @lala_candles

5. Bayal is also female founded, these tote bags are a fashion statement, handmade, homemade

6. I love Lawe’s work – hard worker, filled with so much passion. The touch of Kurdish culture is his work is what my dream home will be made of @lawe.handmade takes customised orders.

7. This woman behind Urbilum has created a board game! I have not tried it yet, once I do, expect a blog post @_urbilum_

8. Kurdish inspired masks and outfits by Jamana – I have masks from here, the quality is amazing @jamanaa2

9. My favourite card/quote maker in Kurdistan – @Kurdishdoodle On this note I have to ask for a second order. I love these for every occasion.

10. Tenus notepads are super amazing quality, it was founded by two medical students at the time @tenusnotes

11. Made in Kurdistan stickers with @bubbly_stickers

12. Asti Apparel is made by a Kurdish girl, although I am not too sure if made in Kurdistan or abroad, however I love these masks so much that I gifted one to my mum, and she actually wears it @ashtiapparel

13. I have my eyes on Erbillian for our home office. Neat, modern, minimalist art work speaking many stories.

14. 100% of all proceeds from Inti.made goes to planting trees in Kurdistan – how could you not order? @inti.made

15. The sweetest two siblings, have come up with Nakhsh incredible high quality brand, @nakhshh

16. I met the founder of Kurdistan’s first soap maker, @infinity.handmade at an event and absolutely loved the young lady, her work over the years has progressed into many different items, but her chemical free, all natural soaps I can testify for @infinity.handmade

17. Namo Socks is special because the founder, Namo, mentioned it to me almost two years ago, I am beyond thrilled he finally created the quality socks with the patterns he always wished for. I have never seen anyone so passionate about quality and beautiful socks. He gives it with 12 months warranty! I recently got a pair and can’t wait to wear them @namosocks

18. By Taff is skincare, makeup and beauty made locally

19. Chera is a haircare brand born in Kurdistan by the lovely Shirin,

20. Ciwale – Kurdish cosmetic brand, those who have used the products say they’re great. The ladies behind the brand are chemists in Slemani @ciwale_ with a little more attention to branding and packaging this can sell in shops across the country.

21. My favourite flower shop in Erbil, Palladium, because the founder is not just a florist, he is an artist. I am definitely making a separate blog post exclusively on him, soon! @palladium.erbil

22. University graduates decided to be part of everyone’s special day with @baloondoor_erbil they create personalised balloons. Made an order and loved the service! They even surprised a dear one and delivered themselves.

23. Fareek Cakes is created by the talented Kurdish artist Bero Rwandzi, her cakes are pieces edible art work @fareek.cakes

24. The Dali Store is not just a beautiful store for jewellery but the pieces tell stories, and the designer herself, Darea, is a rare gem herself @the_dali_store

25. Mr. Erbil needs no introduction, one day I hope to see all Kurdish officials in Mr. Erbil suits – made in Kurdistan designer brand – why oh why not!

26. Arabel watches – I look forward to knowing more about this brand and its story

27. Sun glasses made of wood? And made in Kurdistan? Yes and yes! Kurd Wears also make bags, wallets, purses etc. Kurd Wears can be the next Dulce & Gabbana, Gucci etc.

28. Peleen’s Organic are the sweetest gifts from Kurdistan, beautifully packaged, so good for your soul. I love Peleen and everything she creates. There is so much potential for this brand to grow all across the Middle East @peleensOrganic

29. Darxana is wood work done at home specifically for you by a young man who has a passion for wood. The best customer service you can wish for @thedarkhana

30. Forever Memories for all the personalised memories

31. R.J Fabrics where Rawa Jalizada puts her Kurdish artwork onto Kurdish clothing material @r.j_fabrics

32. Personalised art work for sale, all made of nail and thread @akar_hand_art

33. Saya_Design can be a Kurdish international headpiece designer for every woman’s big day.

34. Banw, @eshydasty_banw by her hand recreates everything that was at our grandmother’s home

34. Julia Doll, is the luxury doll you will pay so much money for abroad to that special new born or even for your lover, here it is same quality, more personalised and Made in Kurdistan @Julia.doll1

This is only a small handful of what some young Kurds are creating online. With the right marketing, organised events throughout the year, support for packaging and a platform to sell in, these brands can grow in unbelievable ways. Why? Because those behind each of these creations are individuals and young Kurdish entrepreneurs full of talent, passion, dedication and commitment, they have energy and desire to create and invest in their talents.

Lots of love from

My Nest in Kurdistan



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  1. Dear Sazan, What a great catalogue of local enterprise. Many of these I am familiar with, names I now know well, but there are others. that I will look out for. My own personal ‘yellow pages’ of gifts, thank you again. Best regards, Lesley


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