This blog began early on in my journey back home, it has become a part of my life. This tiny little corner of mine on the World Wide Web is my happiness, it’s my little baby that is growing, it is my place to praise, complain and ramble on things that matter, and frankly those that don’t. We all have thoughts, and I just happen to share some of mine with loyal readers who I looooove.

The Mandalawi blog (first established as http://www.mandalawi.blogspot.com) began in the summer holidays of 2008, I remember the first post was called something like I was born to try. First I wrote to tell people a little about where I live, then it became a self discovery blog where  I shared the little beauties I came across in my day-to-day life.

Today, in this blog you get glimpses of what I get up to. I live and enjoy every moment of my life in this beautiful nest. Not all nests are comfy, and neither is mine. But I love many things about my Kurdish people, culture and our land.

I am not the greatest writer and by profession not a journalist, but I enjoy listening and then writing people’s stories. Even though feelings of guilt eat me away knowing I am never telling the story in the best way that it can be told. I am told as a child before I could talk I scribbled on paper.

Love from

My Nest in Kurdistan


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