Meet Sazan

Sazan M. Mandalawi

Once upon a time, in fact over 14 years ago, I came back to a place called home. And that, dearest reader, is where my journey began.

Very early in my life I was introduced to NGO work, that is when I had growing interests in vulnerable women, youth, orphans, elderly people, women in prison as well as IDPs and now refugees. I lived the stories of these people in my society, and this has formed a lot of who I am.

Education wise I studied Politics and International Relations, then did a masters in diplomacy though sometimes I wish I did sociology and social work instead. I am currently a PhD candidate on a bigger research on education in humanitarian settings, focusing on adolescent girls- my life passion!

Today, I share my life with a husband, a beautiful son, a little girl and a supportive family (I think this is where I am supposed to insert the names of my pets, sorry, no pets here) I also have a circle of people who have walked into my life in beautiful ways. I guess I love this place so much because it was here my path crossed with amazing young women who I learn from everyday.


I am 30, a mother and lots of interesting and exciting things (sometimes boring too) take place in my life. Here, on this blog, I share those experiences and thoughts, as I have been since 2008 – that is 12 years of blogging! 

So come by when you can, get your pyala of chai, and enjoy. Baxer bey, sar sarw sar chaw!

Love from

My Nest in Kurdistan


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  1. You are doing a great job sazan ..your great modle of alot of yonug girls and among them me too 💕💕💕💕


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