Al Reef Cafe: Cup full of inspiration

I am boring. I visit the safe cafe, sit on the same table and order the same type of coffee. Every time. Or maybe I am just very loyal? A dear friend recently recommended a place saying "you'll like it" and I loved it, which is why it has gently made its way on to... Continue Reading →

Kurdish Doodle: A modern twist inspired by the Kurdish culture

Many years ago, when I was a little girl, living far from a place called home. We had an old book, it was worn out, and torn out. I remember my father made many calls, and waited many months until we received our copy. A relative gave it to a friend, who then gave it... Continue Reading →


Sixteen days. Sixteen stories about Her from my Diary. [Please note day 11 and 12 are only on the blog, not on Instagram] Day 13: Zin Zin was one of the first cases I came across in my career. A young girl, I do not recall her age, but in the very early twenties. She... Continue Reading →

Lara & Zara.

Sixteen days. Sixteen stories about Her from my diary. Day 11 & 12: Lara & Zara Lara and Zara were sisters. Zara was two years older than Lara. Yet, with society's perceptions, Zara was the 'prettier' and more attractive of the two. She was taller, and had lighter colour skin, her hair was light, her... Continue Reading →


Sixteen days. Sixteen stories about Her from my diary. Day 10: Sara A few years back, over lunch I asked my colleague Sara a very casual question, little did I know of her response. For me, it was an utter shame to ask such a question, as for Sara, the lunch break we shared turned... Continue Reading →


Sixteen days. Sixteen stories about Her from my Diary. Day 9: Haana Haana, is a far relative. It is the first time I write about a relative of mine in these stories. She is related to my aunts in-law's. The first time I met Haana was when she was nine years old. She had short,... Continue Reading →


Sixteen Days. Sixteen stories about Her from my diary.  Day 8: Pari Pari was tall, very tall. Slim. Fit to walk an international catwalk and model for the world's greatest designers. She was so fit, anyone who did not know would guess that Pari spent all her days at the gym. For the Iraqi context... Continue Reading →


Sixteen days. Sixteen stories about Her from my diary. Day 7: Avin More than ten years ago, in 2008, I met Avin and her peers in a high school in Erbil. I walked into the school with a flip-chart stand, flip-chart papers and some markers. We had selected a few school after initial research indicated... Continue Reading →


Sixteen days. Sixteen stories about her from my diary. Day 6: Fatma Fatma is tall, very tall and stunning. Her long black hair is hidden under a conservative hijab. She barely puts makeup on, for her natural beauty needs no makeup. Fair, soft, skin, almond brown eyes, the perfect shaped nose and lots of height,... Continue Reading →

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