Your nest in no longer Kurdistan.

I heard you left. You left a place I call my nest, and you decide to fly, ironically, you decide to fly with no wings to a place yet to give you a nest. But you are determined to build one. Photo: Jamal Yad click here for more I thought and thought of why I... Continue Reading →

Why here, and not there?

You ask me "why here and not there?" I don't blame you. I often ask myself the exact same question, when life here gives me a slap in the face, I ask myself "Why here? Why not there?" Why live in Erbil when you can live in London? Why be in Iraq when you can... Continue Reading →

Secrets from Slemani

Pssst. Hello. Care to know a few secrets from the Cultural Capital? I am sat at a local cafe. If I did not search for it, I would have never known it was located on this inner neighbourhood road. I need to pinch myself to believe what I am seeing is real. In fact, I... Continue Reading →

Just a thought.

Just a little outside of Slemani, I am sat with a few families in a little farmhouse over a little hill. One person, in particular, takes my attention away from the setting sun and red coloured sky to much deeper levels of thinking about the state of education in our society - typical Sazan Mind,... Continue Reading →

Made in Kurdistan Businesses and Startups

Loyal Reader, if you are travelling, sending a birthday gift, if you wish to surprise a loved one or you are hosting a large event and want to give gift bags, please remember these startups and businesses. Because for these entrepreneurs, most female, every order makes a difference. These businesses are all Made in Kurdistan,... Continue Reading →


Sixteen days. Sixteen stories about Her from my Diary. [Please note day 11 and 12 are only on the blog, not on Instagram] Day 13: Zin Zin was one of the first cases I came across in my career. A young girl, I do not recall her age, but in the very early twenties. She... Continue Reading →

Lara & Zara.

Sixteen days. Sixteen stories about Her from my diary. Day 11 & 12: Lara & Zara Lara and Zara were sisters. Zara was two years older than Lara. Yet, with society's perceptions, Zara was the 'prettier' and more attractive of the two. She was taller, and had lighter colour skin, her hair was light, her... Continue Reading →

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